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An accelerating force in the challenge to decarbonise
global aviation


Introducing a future business, to Go Beyond in SAF transformation. An accelerating force in the challenge to decarbonise global aviation.

Built to decarbonise aviation

Global mobility brings progress and freedom, but also the challenge of carbon emissions; the aviation sector alone contributes 2-3% of global carbon emissions and needs to be a critical focus for decarbonisation. This future joint venture, will bring a unique combination of complementary technologies and capabilities that can Go Beyond in the production and scaling of ever-more sustainable fuels, with a focus on aviation.

Based on unique, proven technologies, expertise and partnership


Our future joint venture intends to develop, build, own, and operate sustainable aviation fuel plants, and market sustainable aviation fuels derived from non-fossil feedstock, utilising green hydrogen, sustainable sources of CO2 and/or biomass with a specific focus on utilising the complementary Sasol’s Fischer Tropsch and Topsoe’s related technologies. These two companies have been strategic partners for over 25 years, joined in commitment to changing the course of sustainable aviation fuel for the better. 


Taking SAF further, faster


The global aviation industry is responding to the climate challenge, with commitments to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. SAF will play a critical role in living up to this ambition, given its capability to drive impactful emissions reduction. In the EU, for example, there is an agreed to a renewable fuels mandate where all aviation fuel suppliers need to meet a blending requirement and supply a minimum share of sustainable aviation fuel starting at 2% in 2025, up to 6% by 2030, and to 70% by 2050. Our technologies and end-to-end capabilities from building to operating production mean we can enable that progress; with sustainable fuels that go beyond in reducing carbon emissions, powered by renewable energy, and go faster towards the scale of production that meets global demand to deliver on commitments.

See our press releases on the announcement of our offer here

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